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Shengxiang is an enterprise technology center recognized by the state.

Shengxiang always pays attention to the market demand and technological development trend of the domestic first-class mainframe factory, constantly introduces advanced technology and technology at home and abroad, and combines its own advantages, continuous innovation, quality improvement, and always provide satisfactory service for customers, continuing to improve the brand efficiency of the company.
In order to develop to a higher platform, the company established "Shengrui-Licuang Frontier Technology Research Institute" in October 2020, which was recognized as the "National recognized Enterprise Technology Center".


Shengxiang has perfect R & D system process, positive R & D capability of water pump, simulation and optimization improvement ability for other moving parts and structural parts, such as connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, flywheel, etc. at the same time, the famous engine plant, excellent parts suppliers and the mode of cooperation between colleges and universities continue to carry out R & D and innovation.
Now Shengxiang has developed advanced high-tech products such as electronically controlled silicone oil clutch water pump, electric water pump and assembled camshaft, which are mainly used in high-end commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles, and have broad market prospects.


Electronically controlled silicone oil clutch pump


Electric water pump

The company carries out school-enterprise cooperation with Qilu University of Technology and carries out a joint training mechanism to train technical personnel for enterprises.




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