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Research and Development manufacturer of Diesel engine parts

Shandong Shengxiang Intelligent Manufacturing Co. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ”Shengxiang”) is restructured by Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd. in accordance with the strategic planning of Shandong Province, is the original Shengrui Transmission’s diesel engine parts sector. Shengxiang is located in Weifang Anqiu Economic Development Zone. It is mainly engaged in the R&D intelligent manufactureof diesel engines’ key parts. It has a state-recognized enterprise technology center, and has 4 plants : No.1 plant, No.2 plant, casting plant and stamping plant. It is one of the top 10 enterprises in the production of heavy diesel engine parts in China, a pioneer in China's internal combustion engine parts industry, one hundred excellent auto parts suppliers in China, and one of thousandof key enterprises in China's foundry industry.


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    It is one of the top 10 enterprises in the production of heavy diesel engine parts in China

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    Invested 3 intelligent machining lines

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    More than 10 automatic machining lines

Shengxiang has strong R & D and manufacture capabilities of diesel engine parts, and has a complete manufacturing system, such as machining, metal forming, cold pressing forming, heat treatment, hot rolling, welding, assembly, design &manufacture for mold, design &manufacture for fixture tooling and intelligent transformation, etc., forming a production pattern of 8 series products, such as connecting rod, camshaft, piston pin, water pump, flywheel, flywheel housing, exhaust pipe, cylinder block, covering 2L-180L diesel engine. The products rank among the best in domestic market share and sell well all over the world, and have developed into a domestic leading enterprise in key parts of diesel engines, and have set up business centers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Become the strategic partner of Weichai Group, Cummins, CNHI, John Deere and other world-famous brands.
Shengxiang activelyimplements intelligent manufacturing in these years built up the first vertical casting plant with highly intelligent andlow-emission in 2020.  invested 3 intelligent machining lines and more than 10 automatic machining lines. Using many high-end and efficient equipment such as German HWS casting lines, German ALFING connecting rod machining lines, Austrian AICHELIN heat treatment automatic line, German MIKROSA centerless grinder and German SCHAUDT grinder, Japanese RIPPEI grinder, MAZAK machining center and Mori Seiko machining center. Shengxiang has integratedR&D, testing and verification in one of the diesel engine parts platform has leading domestic physical &chemical laboratories and metrological testing rooms.
Shengxiang insists on being a decent person first, then doing things, pursuing perfection and never being satisfied. And based on customer focus, actively integrates world resources, drives development with innovation, continues to enhance core competitiveness, and is committed to building a world-class R & D and manufacturing base for diesel engine parts. 



Shandong Shengxiang Intelligent Manufacturing Co. LTD.


North of Xishou Road, Qinglonghu Road, Anqiu Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong




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