No. 1 plant is located in the west of Qinglonghu Road, Anqiu Economic Development Zone, and now has more than 400 employees. It has six major workshops, such as cutting con-rod, cracking con-rod, heat treatment=, piston pin machining, water pump and middle &small spare parts.
No. 2 plant is located at the west of Cuishan Street, Anqiu Economic Development Zone. It has five workshops: housing, engine block, camshaft, flywheel, and exhaust pipe . No.2 plant is mainly engaged in the manufacture of medium and heavy diesel engine blocks, camshafts, flywheels, exhaust pipes, flywheel housing, oil sumps, gear boxes and other products.
Weifang Shengrui casting Co., Ltd. was established in Aug. 2003. It is located in Chunyuan Road, Weifang City, with a registered capital of 112.98 million RMB and 380 employees. It is also one of the thousands of key enterprises in China's casting industry.The company is mainly engaged in high-grade alloy gray cast iron
Stamping parts plant is a comprehensive manufacturing plant integrating stamping, welding, sheet metal, assembly and painting. Mainly engaged in diesel engine parts, auto parts, hydraulic tailplates, environmental protection and energy-saving products, agricultural machinery parts, transport shelves, workplace appliances and all kinds of steel structure products.
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